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Far from the madding crowds : the joy of freedom and independence that confident, competent and qualified divers enjoy through the new Self Reliant Diver program: Independance Day has arrived !

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It’s all about TIME… Time underwater is all about GAS SUPPLY
Gas supply is about cylinders have more – TAKE TWO!

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The way forward..... Fancy a bit on the side? 

We are the only Dive Centre in the South East offering the latest PADI training programme for recreational and technical diving – Sidemount diving.  Evolved from the technical cave diving community, this is such a safe and easy way of diving that it has now taken off as a system and technique that recreational divers can use to provide extra gas / time underwater.

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This combined course covers both certifications using the Explorer to 18m and also to 40m* with an off-board bailout cylinder. 

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One of the very FIRST to centres to offering PADI TecRec rebreather training using the innovative HOLLIS EXPLORER Re-Breather units.... This new technology will change the way we view diving long term, and we are at the cutting edge of product launch and training introduction: get in early to try out the way forward....


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