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The PADI Twinset Specialty is not available at any other PADI Dive Centre in the Region. This is the start of a long and slippery slope towards the abyss that is Technical Diving…….


A day in the Classroom & Pool discussing gas management and dive planning with practical sessions on technical dive “rig” set up, leads to skills development in the pool to enable you to dive competently and confidently on a Twinset Tec Dive kit within recreational limits.

  • Skills include : Buoyancy & Trim
  • Regulator Freeflow Shutdowns
  • Manifold Failure Shutdowns
  • Gas Emergency Long Hose Sharing
  • Surface Air Consumption Estimation
  • S.M.B. Launching

Qualifying dives are either at Wraysbury, Stoney Cove or Chepstow – focusing on Buoyancy and Emergency drills to ensure comfort & safety.

This program dovetails perfectly with the DSAT Tec Basics program as a stepping stone into FULL TEC training…

There clear links between the courses – so much so that TWINSET divers booked through Maidstone Scuba get discount on Tec Deep training courses if you enrol within 3 months of qualification (to give you time to get some experience in Tec Kit before taking on more challenges of sling tanks etc )